John Sykes is one of the many guitar virtuosos to have been in the arsenal of guitarists from Thin Lizzy. He has also performed with Whitesnake, Tyger of Pan Tang, and Blue Murder.

Sykes-Out of My Tree (Mercury Japan) 1995

1. "Soul Stealer" (3:38)
2. "I Don't Wanna Live My Life Like You" (3:11)
3. "She' All Action" (3:21)
4. "Standing at the Crossroads" (3:54)
5. "I Don't Believe in Anything" (5:03)
6. "Black Days" (5:02)
7. "Jesus & Mary" (4:16)
8. "Do or Die" (3:15)
9. "If You Ever Need Love" (4:17)
10. "Sleep On" (4:48)

This Japanese only release is a cauldron of musical styles ranging from the heavy AOR that one would expect from John Sykes to a few blues based tunes and even punk. The production is thick, the song writing is top notch and the packaging is excellent as well. What also makes this disc is the guitar man's proto-metal solos. This man knows how to play his guitar. On board for the ride is drummer Tommy O'Steen and bassist Marco Mendoza, who has also performed as of recent with Thin Lizzy ("On Night Only") and Ted Nugent ("Full Bluntal Nugity"). Picked up this gem in an internet trade. The disc came complete with obi strip and that extra insert with all the lyrics in Japanese.

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