Threshold-Psychedelicatessen (Giant/SPV) 1994

1. "Sunseeker (7:38)
2. "A Tension Of Souls" (7:10)
3. "Into The Light" (10:00)
4. "Will To Give" (4:54)
5. "Under The Sun" (3:05)
6. "Babylon Rising" (4:42)
7. "He Is I Am" (5:51)
8. "Innocent" (4:43)
9. "Devoted" (7:32)

A friend and fellow trader suggested this cd. I was a bit leery having not heard of this band before, but upon receiving the disc in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised. Threshold are absolutely marvelous progressive metal. Somehow they manage to have this incredible melodic sound but with totally heavy guitar tones and rhythms. The keyboards add to the melodic nature and many times while the guitars a thrashing away create a really wild sound. It's actually hard to describe, but suffice it to say, Threshold know what they do and they do it well. Any prog fan would do themselves well to look into these guys. This particular cd has also been re-issued with a few bonus tracks, a live bonus disc, revised cover art, and an enhanced multi-media section.

Threshold-Hypothetical (Century Media) 2001

1. "Light and Space" (5:58)
2. "Turn on Tune In" (6:12)
3. "The Ravages of Time" (10:17)
4. "Sheltering Sky" (5:35)
5. "Oceanbound" (6:42)
6. "Long Way Home" (6:00)
7. "Keep My Head" (4:01)
8. "Narcissus" (11:14)

My absolute favorite progressive metal albums are Dream Theater's 'Images & Words' and Fates Warning's "Parallels." I measure all other prog-metal albums by these two. Perhaps that is unfair, but it is what I do. Those two albums have a perfect mix of commercial hook, solid production, and technical song writing. Also, the vocals melodies play as important a role as the complexity of the music. While there are many prog-metal bands that I like, few can compete with these two discs as my personal favorites. Threshold, however, are now added to that list. This disc is simply brilliant. Absolutely everything I love about those two discs are present in 'Hypothetical' yet without sounding like a clone of either band.

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