Yellow Machinegun
Japanese all girl punk band.

Spot Remover Yellow Machinegun-Spot Remover (Rotton Orange)

1. "Again" (1:47)
2. "Need" (1:06)
3. "Home Alone" (1:23)
4. "Why?" (1:33)
5. "Something Enormous" (2:23)
6. "Freezer" (1:21)
7. "Hip Tail" (:53)
8. "Shut Your Mouth" (1:31)
9. "In A Box" (1:23)
10. "I Know" (1:33)
11. "Ever-More" (2:05)
12. "Iron Woman" (2:29)
13. "French Toast" (1:06)
14. Sport Remover" (1:33)
15. "Eat Hat Fat" (8:40)

Can there be anything more obscure than an all-female, Japanese, old-school punk band? These gals play REAL punk, not this corny, pop-punk crap that bands like MxPx and Offspring play today. Loads of speed, tons attitude, and a sense of humor to boot. No wimps here! It's sort of funny to catch the occcasional Japanese accent on some of the vocals though. I'm not sure why, but the whole concept just makes me laugh. Great stuff. I also have a split vinyl single of these guys with S.O.D.

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