The Money Maske Armageddon-The Money Mask (Talkingtown/R.E.X.) 1989

1. "The Money Mask" (3:25)
2. "Mercenaries of Unjustice" (4:12)
3. "More Than Conquerors" (4:03)
4. "Looking Out For You" (5:47)
5. "The Ship of Changes" (5:29)
6. "(Liberation from) Blazing Wasteland" (3:49)
7. "Nightlight" (5:48)
8. "Giving It To You" (4:27)
9. "The Judge" (4:55)
10. "We're Outa' Here" (4:02)

An underrated and forgotten gem of the Christian metal genre. Armageddon's 'Money Mask' compares to very early Savatage or Metal Church. At least half the songs on this disc have a hook that could catch a whale. My personal favorites are the title track, "More Than Conquerors," "Mercenaries of Unjustice," "Blazing Wasteland" and "Nightlight." Some of the guitar work on this album is actually quite stunning. Vocalist Mike Vance reminds me of Jon Oliva at times with his raspy, mid-range voice and occasional high pitched yelps. Unfortunately this band broke up soon after releasing this album. A few interesting facts about this band is that they were formerly called Second Chance and released a few demos under that name. The song "(Liberation from) Blazing Wasteland" first appeared on Regency's "East Coast Metal" compilation in 1987 but under the name Second Chance. Drummer Joe Hasselvander went on to replace Mark 'Wacko' Hunter in Raven.

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