Creation of Death

Creation f Death Creation of Death-Purify Your Soul (Under One Flag/Music For Nations)

1. "Overture" (2:17)
2. "Purify Your Soul" (4:59)
3. "Quartering Alive" (3:56)
4. "Nameless Forever" (3:45)
5. "Ingratitude" (5:30)
6. "By Truth, By Love" (3:45)
7. "Psalm 69" (4:45)
8. "Words" (3:43)
9. "Don't Be So Full of Pride" (2:55)
10. "You Arenít Possessed Yet" (4:34)
11. "Hope" (3:36)

A friend from Germany turned me onto this disc in 1999. The disc came out in '91. I had never even heard of Creation of Death, but knowing that I was a big fan of bands British thrash bands like Seventh Angel and Detritus, I guess he knew that I would dig this band as well. Creation of Death are thrash metal but they sometimes border early death metal. A very cool find. I believe this was their only release and that the band is now split up.

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