Martyr-Wickenstraut (Martyr)

1. "War Circus" (8:53)
2. "Flesh Scenes" (2:27)
3. "Get Drunk" (5:07)
4. "H. M. Wickenstaut" -instrumental (5:29)
5. "Fall On Your Face" (3:58)
6. "In The Family" (6:49)
7. "Golgotha" (4:14)
8. "Abdomination" (2:42)
9. "If You Like" -instrumental (5:04)
10. "Plead the Blood" (5:56)
11. "Immanent Warfare" (2:43)
12. "Impiously Deranged" (3:08)
13. "True Love" (1:40)
14. "K.K.K." (2:21)
15. "Bad PR" (1:12)
16. "False Prophets" (1:38)
17. "K.D.A." (Knights in Death's Alliance) (2:02)
18. "No Goats" (1:11)

I use to own a couple of demo tapes by this underground thrash band, until I found this German import which combines both their demos with some new songs. The new material, which I believe are the first six songs, are the best songs and sound a like a mixture of Corrosion of Conformity, The Crucified and Nuclear Assault. Much of this material is decent chunky speed metal. The weakest songs are from the "Immanent Warfare" demo that makes up the last eight songs of this disc. These songs are of the punk meets metal variety. Almost all the songs are under two minutes and come off as jokes rather than serious songs. May be that was the intent, but I like the more serious material better. The production throughout the disc varies, being that this is made up of different demos, but the sound quality overall is a bit weak. Betrayal also recorded "Plead the Blood."

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