Built to Perform Phantom Blue-Built to Perform (Geffen) 1993

1. "Nothing Good" (3:28)
2. "Time to Run" (4:19)
3. "Bad Reputation" (2:31)
4. "My Misery" (3:44)
5. "Little Man" (3:29)
6. "Better Off Dead" (3:48)
7. "Anti Love Crunch" (3:07)
8. "Loved Ya to Pieces" (3:13)
9. "So Easy" (3:33)
10. "Lied to Me" (3:15)
11. "A Little Evil" (3:06)
12. "You're Free" (4:27)

This album proves once again that it is not necessarily talent and looks that gets you to the top. Phantom Blue are an incredible all female metal band based out of LA. Without a doubt these gals blow bands like Girlschool, Rock Goddess or Lita Ford out of the water. The fact is they blow many male bands out of the water as well. I have a hunch that a large part of the reason this album didn't blow down doors was because of the tounge-in-cheek cover art. (Basically it's cheesy.) If you can get past the cover and actually pop the disc into the cd player, then I can honestly say you will discover one of the best female bands to ever grace the hallowed halls of heavy metal. What makes this disc essential for me, and the reason I even checked them out in the first place is the Thin Lizzy cover, "Bad Reputation." Phantom Blue's rendition smokes! Michelle Meldrum is a guitar shredder. Also worthy of mention is that this disc was mixed by Max Norman, who has also mixed albums for Megadeth, Dirty Looks and Death Angel, among others. Making a guest appearance is Marty Friedman, also of Megadeth fame.

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