r o s e
Rose started off as a solo project by Mad at the World drummer Randy Rose
and eventually became more than just a project.

Intense Live Vol 3 Rose-Intense Live Series Vol. 3 (Intense)

1. "Oppression" (2:20)
2. "On My Knees" (5:29)
3. "Demons" (3:05)
4. "Hide" (3:58)
5. "D.O.P." (4:15)
6. "You Gotta Move" (4:08)

Number three in the five part Intense Records "live in the studio" EPs (along with Deliverance, Tourniquet, Mortal, and Die Happy) and number three for Rose. Randy Rose's offering gives us raw renditions of songs off his first two discs plus one cover, the blues standard "You Gotta Move." To be quite honest. I don't listen to this one very often, however, the song "On My Knees" is stellar in this live atmosphere and blows the original studio version away. Killer song with loads of emotion.

Into the Unknown Rose-Into the Unknown (R.E.X.)

1. "Fading Away" (3:15)
2. "Past" (4:55)
3. "Into the Unknown" (4:22)
4. "Do You Know My Name?" (4:56)
5. "Past Gone" (4:38)
6. "Grass" (5:33)
7. "Season of Pain" (3:31)
8. "Die to the Flesh" (3:41)
9. "Walking for Miles" (4:22)
10. "Satan's Calling" (5:52)

After a brief mistep in the light alternative album that proceeded this one, Rose returns with another heavy, retro, doomy metal album. This one continues in the Danzig meets Trouble doom metal. Simple yet catchy rhythms with haunting vocals from Randy. As far as I know this was Rose's fifth and last album. This album is out of print.

On cassette tape:
Randy Rose (Intense)
Rose-Sacrificium (Intense)

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