Meliah Rage-Live Kill (Epic) 1989

1. "Beginning of the End" (3:02)
2. "Kill to Survive" (2:51)
3. "Bates Motel" (4:25)
4. "Deadley Existence" (5:02)
5. "The Pack" (8:31)

Five fast and furious tracks recorded live in front of a loud and rowdy crowd at Detroit's Harpos on 4/15/89. I have never heard of this club, so I can only assume it's some heavy metal dive. The band sounds tight and are obviously ready to pummel the ears of each and every rivithead in attendance. Must say that some of the talking in between songs is rather silly but besides this minor irritant, this is a pretty nice live EP.

From Blackest Darkness Meliah Rage-Solitary Solitude (Epic) 1990

1. "Solitary Solitude" (6:27)
2. "No Mind" (2:49)
3. "Decline of Rule" (5:06)
4. "Retaliation" (5:07)
5. "Deliver Me" (3:06)
6. "The Witching" (4:37)
7. "Lost Life" (6:05)
8. "Swallow Your Soul" (5:16)
9. "Razor Ribbon" (7:46)

Heavy Judas Priest/Iron Maiden inspired metal meets the thrash metal of Testament. The early 90's were overwhelmed with this brand of full tilt thrash metal and it was readily available as well. Check out the record label. Too bad albums like this didn't go over better because certainly this is one crushing metal experience.

Meliah Rage-Death Valley Dream (Backstreet) 1996

1. "Death Valley Dream" (2:37)
2. "Stranger" (2:44)
3. "Media" (1:53)
4. "Blacksmith" (3:00)
5. "Wear and Tear" (2:07)
6. "Madness and Poetry" (3:42)
7. "Crow" (2:58)
8. "Posessing Judgement" (3:29)
9. "War Journal" (2:41)
10. "Pride Land" (4:06)
11. "The Last Detail"-instrumental (6:08)
12. "Scarred"-demo recording 1992/unlisted track (6:24)

Hmmm, Meliah Rage resurface after almost six years of silence and actually put out a disc that is BETTER than any of their earlier discs. This is pretty rare. Usually when band's reform and 'update' their sound I tend to like them less, but in the case of Meliah Rage's 'Death Valley Dream' the band seems less concerned with the thrash metal polka of the past and more concerned with writing quality, hook-laden heavy metal, yet still retaining much of the aggression and fire of the past. Unlike much of their earlier material, songs like the title track and 'Stranger' have riffs that will stick in your head long after you turn the cd off.

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