Sacred Reich

Thrash metal from Arizona, USA!

Ignorance Sacred Reich-Ignorance (Hollywood/Metal Blade)

1."Death Squad" (4:21)
2."Victim of Demise" (3:34)
3."Layed to Rest"-instrumental (2:18)
4."Ignorance" (4:05)
5."No Believers" (3:18)
6."Violent Solutions" (4:13)
7."Rest in Peace" (3:41)
8."Sacred Reich" (3:17)
9."Administrative Decisions" (3:22)

"Ignorance" is a good second wave of thrash metal album. Many of the lyrics speak of political or social ideals. However, the lyrics to "No Believers" state, "There is no God, there is no proof...the Bible is a lie..." If ever there was a statement of "Ignorance," that would be it!

Surf Nicaragua Sacred Reich-Surf Nicaragua (EP) (Roadracer)

1."Surf Nicaragua" (4:42)
2."One Nation" (3:20)
3."War Pigs" (6:14)
4."Draining You of Life" (3:15)
5."Ignorance"-live (4:08)
6."Death Squad"-live (4:28)

A cool EP with a few new songs, a Black Sabbath cover and a couple live tracks thrown in to boot. This disc is pretty hard to find. Once again, thanks go out to Olaf for hooking me up. Rumor has it that Metal Blade may re-release this disc with some bonus tracks as well.

The American Way Sacred Reich-The American Way (Roadracer)

1."Love...Hate" (4:06)
2."The American Way" (3:39)
3."The Way it Is" (4:58)
4."Crimes Against Humanity" (6:15)
5."State of Emergency" (6:14)
6."Who's to Blame" (3:39)
7."I Don't Know" (3:12)
8."31 Flavors" (3:18)

Sacred Reich were just so much fun. I mean, they didn't have the technical prowess of say Believer, the speed of Dark Angel, the image of Slayer, or even the intensity of Nuclear Assault, but they had cool riffs and usually something intelligent to say. Whether you agreed with them or not, their lyrics gave you something to think about. On top of this, songs like "The American Way" just had those catchy grooves that would have any metalhead moshing around the room. "31 Flavors" is the only song on the disc that is not straight forward thrash but is more of a humerous Living Colour funk tune. The lyrics make a point for listening to all types of music and not just metal, comparing music to different flavors of ice cream. Granted different flavors are cool but vanilla and chocolate are still the favorite. Why listen to garbage when there is so much cool metal to listen to?

My disc is a digi-pack import version. Got it in a trade.

A Question Sacred Reich-A Question

1."A Question" (5:25)
2."Let's Have a War" (2:20)
3."Who's to Blame" (3:39)

Well, I paid more for this rare 3 song ep than I did for most of my Sacred Reich full length albums. ($8) Oh well, the life of a cd junkie! Anyhow, "A Question" has two unreleased songs and "Whose to Blame" from "The American Way." The two new songs are fast and furious.

Independant Sacred Reich-Independent (Hollywood/Metal Blade)

1."Independent" (3:38)
2."Free" (4:34)
3."Just Like That" (5:42)
4."Supremacy" (2:37)
5."If Only" (3:46)
6."Crawling" (6:30)
7."Pressure" (2:47)
8."Product" (3:44)
9."I Never Said Goodbye" (7:46)
10."Open Book" (4:21)
11."Do It" (2:24)

Hmm, a bit more generic than "American Way" adding some groove and even some bluesy influences. Not a terrible disc, but not my favorite either. Every once and a while I pull it out and give it a listen.

Heal Sacred Reich-Heal (Metal Blade)

1."Blue Suit, Brown Shirt" (2:27)
2."Heal" (3:42)
3."Break Through" (3:37)
4."Low" (4:03)
5."Don't" (2:51)
6."Jason's Idea" (0:39)
7."Ask Ed" (4:07)
8."Who Do You Want to Be?" (2:22)
9."Seen Through My Eyes" (3:18)
10."I Don't Care" (3:16)
11."The Power of the Written Word" (2:37)

A friend told me that this disc was awesome, so I picked up a used copy of "Heal" for $3.91. To be honest, it's not a bad disc, but I guess I just hold the first two full length albums in higher esteem, so this one doesn't get played very often. "Who Do You Want to Be" is an Oingo Boingo song, I think.

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