Shout were one of Christian metal's earliest heavy metal bands. They released two albums before Ken Tamplin split to pursue a solo career. In 1999 the band reformed and put out a reunion cd containing all new material.

In Your Face Shout-In Your Face (Frontline)

1. "Borderline" (4:37)
2. "When the Love is Gone" (4:16)
3. "Give Me An Answer" (3:50)
4. "Faith, Hope, and Love" (3:36)
5. "Gettin' Ready" (3:47)
6. "In Your Face" (5:17)
7. "Getting On With Life" (3:55)
8. "Waiting of You" (3:49)
9. "Moonlight Sonata (In 32 Notes)" -instrumental (:29)
10. "It's All I Need" (3:27)
11. "Ain't Givin' Up (The Pay the Bills Song)" (3:50)

Actually this is a decent 80's heavy metal platter, despite the hilarious cover pic. What makes the disc so impressive is the stellar song writing topped with Ken Tamplin's excellent vocals. The song "In Your Face" features an extended guitar solo in the middle with loads of impressive guests coming in to lay down a few seconds of shred. The guest list includes Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth), Lanny Cordola, Michael Angelo (Nitro), Alex Masi, Joey Price, and Randy Hansen. This disc is out of print but was re-issued as a two-on-one disc with the band's first album "It Won't Be Long."

On cassette: Shout-It Won't Be Long (Frontline)

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