Steel Prophet
STEEL PROPHET started out in the mid-eighties with Steve Kachinsky Blakmoor (guitars) and Gary Stocking (vocals) as the
original founders. There were a few member changes early on, but eventually the band added Vince Dennis (bass) and Rick
Mythiasin (vocals), who have both been with the band since those early days. (Vince Dennis has also recorded with
Tourniquet.) Horacio Colmenares (guitars), who went on to form New Eden, was also a member of the band and recorded a
demo with this line-up that eventually became their first official album known as "The Goddess Principle." This same line-up
also recorded the "Continuum" EP. After the departure of Horacio, Steel Prophet went onto record "Into the Void
(Hallucinogenic Conception)" in 1997. The record also featured Agent Steel guitarist Bernie Versaille guesting on the song
"Hate 2". The band signed a new record deal with Nuclear Blast Records in 1998 and released "Dark Hallucinations." And
the band plays on...

The Goddess Principle Steel Prophet-The Goddess Principle (Brainstorm) 1995

1. "Reign of Christ" (7:19)
2. "Souls Without Honor" (4:43)
3. "Devoid of Logic" (5:13)
4. "Ruby Dreams"--instrumental (1:40)
5. "Prophecy Upon Us" (4:33)
6. "The Inner Voice Silenced" (5:57)
7. "To Grasp Eternity" (5:03)
8. "Fatal Euphoria" (6:07)
9. "Penance of Guilt" (6:06)
10. "Parthenogenesis" (6:57)

Once again, this is one of those discs that I have bid on several times on eBay but those silly bidders always push the thing up way beyond what it is worth. I finally secured real copy through a friend from Germany. (Thanks again Olaf.) This was the band's first full length album and features two tracks ("Parthenogenesis" & "Reign of Christ") from their "Visions of Force" demo. Despite the weak production, this is a stellar power metal release with helium high vocals, biting guitar solos and heavy, galluping rhythms. This disc features guitarist Horacio Colmenares, who went on to form New Eden.

Dark Hallucinations Steel Prophet-Dark Hallucinations (Nuclear Blast) 1999

1. "Montag (Chapter One)" (5:58)
2. "New Life (Chapter Five)" (5:27)
3. "Strange Encounters (Chapter Two)" (4:42)
4. "The Secret (Chapter Three)" (5:26)
5. "We Are Not Alone" (5:31)
6. "Betrayal (Chapter Four)" (6:38)
7. "Look What You've Done" (4:03)
8. "Scarred for Life" (4:26)
9. "Spectres" (4:41)
10. "The Apparition" (5:47)
11. "Ride the Sky" (5:59)

True metal at it's best. Steel Prophet is a name that I had heard of but never actually heard until they started putting songs on just about every heavy metal "tribute" cd that came out. Thing about their covers were that they were usually the best songs on the compilations. For an example, see the Dwell Dio tribute in my tribute section. In any case, this is an excellent album, sort of like early Fates Warning but heavier. Speaking of Fates Warning, "The Apparition" is a killer Fates cover. My copy is a German import digi-pack and includes the bonus track "Ride the Sky," a Helloween cover. Oh, I should also mention bassist Vince Dennis also played bass for Tourniquet for a spell.

By the strength of this cd, I will invest some time into finding their other discs as well.

MEssiah Steel Prophet-Messiah (Nuclear Blast) 2000

 1.  "Ides of March" (3:56)
 2.  "Messiah" (3:57)
 3.  "Vengeance Attained" (6:29)
 4.  "Mysteries of Iniquity" (5:49)
 5.  "Dawn of Man" (4:46)
 6.  "Earth and Aky" (5:13)
 7.  "Goddess Arise" (4:30)
 8.  "Unseen" (5:22)
 9.  "07/03/47" (5:31)
 10.  "Rapture" (4:48)
 11.  "Ghosts Once Past" (6:34)

Steel Prophet brings progressive power metal into the new Millennium with their second full length disc for Nuclear Blast. This one follows up well their last speed metal masterpiece. Lots of double bass, awesome clean vocals, crunchy guitars and dynamic song writing. This is one band I am glad reunited. Take note, the band did not try to go for the "modern" sound to gain a new audience, rather they stayed true their style and now have a steadily growing fan base.

Genesis Steel Prophet -Genesis (Nuclear Blast) 2000

1. "Death" (4:49)
2. "Sleep of Despair" (7:27)
3. "Inner Ascendance" (4:22)
4. "Life" (6:57)
5. "Nihilism's Spell" (4:52)
6. "Technocricide" (5:08)
7. "Fast As a Shark" (4:00)
8. "Gangland" (3:52)
9. "Ides of March/Pugatory" (5:27)
10. "Fade to Black" (6:45)
11. "Dreamer, Deciever" (5:27)
12. "Neon Knights" (3:56)
13. "Don't Forget About Me" (4:40)

I'm a sucker for cover albums by bands I already like, especially when they are covering bands that I also favor. It goes without saying that Steel Prophet releasing a compilation of SOME of the covers off the various tribute discs they have been on is a must have. Steel Prophet are fans of heavy metal, so they pick excellent covers and they do a great job at them. Add to that the first six tracks from the "Inner Ascendance " demo (circa 1994) and you have one killer heavy metal platter. The cover tracks: "Fast As A Shark" (Accept), "Gangland" and "Ides Of March/Purgatory" (Iron Maiden), "Fade To Black" (Metallica), "Dreamer , Deceiver" (Judas Priest), "Neon Knights" (Black Sabbath) and, strangely enough "Forget About Me" by Simple Minds. Doesn't sound like it fits, does it? Brought back scary memories of "The Breakfast Club." YIKES! This is now the fourth disc I own with the same version of "Neon Knights," as it has also appeared on two Black Sabbath tributes as well as a Dio tribute. Minor complaint, I wonder why they didn't put their Fates Warning cover ("The Apparition") and their Helloween cover ("Ride the Sky") on this disc as well. Another excellent German import brought to me by Olaf!

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